A Universal Call to Humanity


The Contacts for The KNOWLEDGE BOOK are:

  1. The Knowledge Book Main Centre
  2. Country-based Contacts

See the section below the table on “How to Use the Contacts”

Website Link

Email Contact
Knowledge Book Main Centre Website
Country Contacts:
Australia Website  (see website)
Argentina Website  (see website)
Brazil Website  (see website)
Canada Website  (see website)
Chile Website  (see website)
Colombia Website  (see website)
Costa Rica
Croatia Website  (see website)
Germany Website  (see website)
Italy Website  (see website)
Mexico Website  (see website)
Netherlands Website  (see website)
Poland Website  (see website)
Russia Website  (see website)
Serbia Website  (see website)
Spain Website  (see website)
Sweden Website  (see website)
Turkey Website
UK Website  (see website)
USA Website  (see website)
Venezuelia Website  (see website)


Instructions on How to Use the Contacts

Translation of the websites

  1. Some of the websites can be translated by right clicking on the website and then choosing the translate option
  2. Otherwise, most of the websites can be translated by using Google’s free online language translation service. First, open the website you wish to have translated; copy the URL of the website; open Google Translate and paste the URL. Then follow the prompts.

Information on The KNOWLEDGE BOOK

  1. Most information on The Knowledge Book is found on the Main Centre website
  2. Further information can be found on the Country Contacts websites

Purchase of The KNOWLEDGE BOOK and Set Of Fascicules

  1. The purchase of The Knowledge Book or Set of Fascicules is mainly via the Country Contacts.

Most World-wide contacts only sell the language edition of the official language of their country (eg USA – English edition) but there are exceptions, so please contact the most relevant Country Contact for further details

In addition, most Country Contacts only provide the Book or Set of Fascicules to addresses within their own country (but check with the most relevant Country Contact). The two exceptions are:

The Serbian edition is available from the Serbian Contact to residents in all countries

The English edition of the Book format (Second Edition) is available from the Australian Contact to residents of all countries except Canada, UK and USA. The Set of Fascicules is not available from the Australian Contact

  1. The Main Centre does not provide for the sale of the Book or Set of Fascicules via the post or via its website. Instead:

The Main Centre  provides the sale of the Book or Set of Fascicules to those attending any of the three World Conferences held in Istanbul each year

If a prospective purchaser lives in a country where there is no Country Contact, the Main Centre may be able to assist by linking the purchaser with a Conference attendee from the same country who may be willing to purchase the Book at the Conference on behalf of the purchaser

World-wide Conferences

There are three events held in Istanbul each year: The New Year’s Gala (February 18), Hello to Kozmos (the first Saturday of June) and the Peace Conference (November 1). 

  1. Details of the three Conferences can be obtained from the Country Contacts. Some Country Contacts can assist with travel to, and/or accommodation in, Istanbul
  2. For those living in countries where there is no Country Contact, the Main Centre can provide the Conference details

Country Based Activities

  1. Details regarding country-based activities (such as Introductory Talks, Study Meetings, Promotions at Fairs and Shows) are found via the Country Contacts
  2. For those living in countries where there is no Country Contact, the Main Centre may be able to assist by providing a local contact for The KNOWLEDGE BOOK

Specific Inquiries

Any specific inquiry that cannot be answered by a Country Contact can be directed to the Main Centre

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