News Update

New Reading Program for 2017

On 17 February 2017 a new Reading Program was announced, making 2017 a milestone for The Knowledge Book.

Under this new Program anyone who has a copy of the Second Edition of the Purple Book may write his/her full name on the front page of the Book, and sign and date that page. By doing so, the Book then becomes his/her own and the full frequencies of the Book are made available without the restraints of the Time Frequencies, but in accordance with the level of Consciousness of the one who signed the Book. No-one else can then read that copy of the Book. However, if a person very dear to the one who signed the Book wishes to read that copy of the Book, he/she may do so but will only receive the Knowledge contained in the Book, but not the Frequencies.

If the reader does not wish to  sign and date the Book, anyone can read that copy of the Book but the Time Frequency restraints will remain in effect .

For further details please contact the the World Brotherhood Main Centre at email: or fax: +90 (216) 372 0216