A Universal Call to Humanity

The Evolutionary Tableau

To assist Us on our Evolutionary Path, an "Evolutionary Tableau" (also known as "The Evolutionary Plan") has been created.

Under this Tableau (Plan), We are guided through different Levels of Consciousness. We as individuals, and Humanity as a whole, cannot move onto the next Level of Consciousness until We have completely attained the current Level of Consciousness.

Each Stage of the Tableau (Plan) has a specific Program, and each Program has a specific Time Period for that Program to be completed. However, each Program will remain available within the Tableau while there are still Consciousnesses who have not been able to achieve the desired Level of Consciousness within the allotted Time Period.

There are three Stages within the Evolutionary Tableau:

  1. The Consciousness of Truth
  2. The Consciousness of Light
  3. The Consciousness of Nothingness - Allness - Nothingness

Summary Table of the Evolutionary Tableau


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