The Evolutionary Tableau

The Spiritual Path of the Human Being is an Evolutionary Path, consisting of Stages in Levels of Consciousness.

An Evolutionary Tableau (also known as the Evolutionary Plan) identifies the different Levels of Consciousness that each Human Being, and Humanity as a whole, must pass through to reach the ultimate goal of co-existing with the Initial Unknown Power from which Existence materialised.

Each Stage of the Evolutionary Tableau consists of a specific Program, and each Program has a specific Time Period allocated within the Tableau for that Program to be attained. However, each Program will remain available beyond the specific Time Period allotted within the Tableau while there are still Consciousnesses who have not been able to achieve the desired Level of Consciousness within the allotted Time Period.

Each Level of Consciousness must be fully attained before advancement can be made to the next higher Program (Level of Consciousness) within the Evolutionary Tableau, and advancement to the next higher level of Consciousness is a matter of being worthy (i.e. can only be gained by permission). 

Advancement is made on this Evolutionary Path by individual Human Beings, and by Humanity as a whole. The Level of Consciousness of individuals affects the level of Consciousness of Humanity as a whole, and the Level of Consciousness of Humanity as a whole affects the Levels of Consciousness of each individual Human Being.

There are three Stages within the Evolutionary Tableau:

  1. The Consciousness of Truth
  2. The Consciousness of Light
  3. The Consciousness of Nothingness - Allness - Nothingness

Summary Table of the Evolutionary Tableau