A Universal Call to Humanity

Summary Table of The Evolutionary Tableau

The Evolutionary Tableau consists of 3 major Stages. Each Stage has specific Programs to assist the Evolvement of the Human Consciousness, and each Program has a specific Time Period for that Program to be attained. However, each Program will remain available beyond the allocated Time Period for those who have not been able to achieve the desired Level of Consciousness within the allotted Time Period.


The Evolutionary Tableau



*  The first 500 years of this 2000 year Period consisted of the combined Jesus-Mohammed Program; the last 1500 years was for Humanity to reflect on all the Programs given within the Religious Fulfilment Program.

** Mevlana introduced The KNOWLEDGE BOOK to Humanity in the 20th Century (i.e. the last Century of the Religious Fulfilment Program), and that Century was regarded as the Preparatory Program for the Universal Consciousness and Unification Program. Hence the Mevlana Program covers a Period of 10 Centuries: the Preparatory Program (one Century) and the Universal Consciousness and Unification Program (9 Centuries).

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