A Universal Call to Humanity

First Stage of the Evolutionary Tableau

The Consciousness of Truth

The first Stage in the Evolutionary Tableau is designed for the Human Being to attain the Consciousness of Truth. This Program is also known as The Divine Plan.

This Stage is/was facilitated by Books that were transmitted through the ALPHA channel (the Channel of God) and consists of two Programs:

  1. The Program for Humanity to attain Religious Fulfillment 
  2. The Program for Humanity to attain Universal Consciousness (which itself requires the Unification of Humanity)




1.     The Program for the Attainment of Religious Fulfilment

The aim of the Program for the Attainment of Religious Fulfilment is/was for Humanity to attain the Consciousness that God exists, and that God exists within each one of us. The Operational Ordinance of this Program is/was: Religion, Sacred Books and Prophets.

This Program covered a period of 7 Centuries from 2000 years before Moses until the end of the 20th Century. The Program covers the first 3 Orders of The Divine Plan and incorporates the 5 Sacred Books that were transmitted via the ALPHA channel.

The First Order of was that of the Philosophies of the Far East when Humanity met the Godly Energy for the first time. This Order covered the 2000 years before the time of Moses, and was where specific individuals were able to make contact with the Dimensional Energies of the Godly Realm.

The Second Order was that of Moses and the Old Testament. The Program of Moses was that of Consciousness and Knowledge.

The Third Order was the combined Order of Jesus (the Psalms of David and the New Testament) and Mohammed (The Koran). The Program of Jesus was that of Love; the Program of Mohammed was that of Allegiance.

Although the Period assigned to the Program of Religious Fulfilment finished at the end of the 20th Century, the Program  will always remain effective while there are Human Beings who are still to reach the Consciousness of Religious Fulfilment. In fact, because Planet Earth can no longer carry the Negative Influences, the Religious Teaching Programs have increased so that Religious Fulfillment can be attained as quickly as possible. 

There are a number of reasons why there are still Human Beings who have not attained Religious Fulfilment within the allotted Time Period:

  1. Many individuals are unable to see that the Programs within the Evolutionary Tableau are for the good of the Whole. Instead, their focus is on self-interest and/or the interests of individual groups or organisations, and this condition is affecting humanity in a negative manner
  2. In general, Humanity carries the Consciousness of Running from Difficulty. Humanity prefers Knowledge that does not strain its Consciousness, and as a result progress in Consciousness on Planet Earth advances at a very slow rate
  3. Many Consciousnesses on our planet are still hungry for Knowledge. And without Fulfillment of Knowledge, active applications of the Programs in the Evolutionary Tableau never come into effect
  4. Many Consciousness are seeking information from Sources other than the Knowledge that has been transmitted through the ALPHA Channel

2.  The Program for the Attainment of Universal Consciousness and the Unification of Humanity

Now that the Time Period assigned for the attainment of the Religious Fulfilment finished at the end of the 20th Century, the 21st Century marks the beginning of the Program whereby Humanity can attain the Consciousness of the Universal Totality in which God and We on Planet Earth exist.

It is a twin Program, that is, the attainment of Universal Consciousness and of the Unification of Humanity. It covers a period of 9 centuries, from the beginning of the 21st Century to the end of the 29th Century. , and is known as the Fourth Order of The Divine Plan.

In this twin Program, the Knowledge and Frequencies of the 5 Sacred Books have been combined into “The Single Book" (The KNOWLEDGE BOOK), and Knowledge and Frequencies not previously given to Humanity have been added. As with the 5 Sacred Books, The KNOWLEDGE BOOK was transmitted through the ALPHA channel. The Book was received by Vedia Bulent, whose Cosmic name is Mevlana. 

The 21st and 22nd Centuries (and parts of 20th Century) lay the foundation of the twin program; and the next 7 centuries is the Golden Age during which Humanity should achieve Unification and the attainment of Universal Consciousness.



Summary Table:   The Consciousness of Truth

(The Divine Plan and its Four Orders)




* The first 500 years of this 2000 year Period consisted of the combined Jesus-Mohammed Program; the last 1500 years was for Humanity to reflect on all the Programs given within the Religious Fulfilment Program.

** Mevlana introduced The KNOWLEDGE BOOK to Humanity in the 20th Century (i.e. the last Century of the Religious Fulfilment Program), and that Century was regarded as the Preparatory Program for the Universal Consciousness and Unification Program. Hence the Mevlana Program covers a Period of 10 Centuries: the Preparatory Program (one Century) and the Universal Consciousness and Unification Program (9 Centuries).

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