A Universal Call to Humanity

Second Stage in The Evolutionary Tableau

The Consciousness of Light

By the end of the 29th Century Humanity is expected to have attained the Consciousness of Truth i.e. the Consciousness that God exists, that God exists within each of us (Religious Fulfilment), and Consciousness of the Universal Totality in which God and Humanity exist (Universal Consciousness).  

Humanity should then be eligible to enter the second Stage in the Evolutionary Tableau: the Program to attain the Consciousness of Light.

Here the Divine Plan and its Four Orders has ended, and the Order of God begins. Humanity will actually enter the Dimension of God and meet with God face to face.

This Program marks the end of the use of Books and the ALPHA channel to enlighten Humanity, although The Knowledge Book will remain in effect for the 9 centuries to attract the Time Frequencies within the Book. The Book will then be returned to its original source (the Lordly Dimension).

Technologies other than Books will now be in operation.



Summary Table:  The First and Second stages of the Evolutionary Tableau




* The first 500 years of this 2000 year Period consisted of the combined Jesus-Mohammed Program; the last 1500 years was for Humanity to reflect on all the Programs given within the Religious Fulfilment Program.

** Mevlana introduced The KNOWLEDGE BOOK to Humanity in the 20th Century (i.e. the last Century of the Religious Fulfilment Program), and that Century was regarded as the Preparatory Program for the Universal Consciousness and Unification Program. Hence the Mevlana Program covers a Period of 10 Centuries: the Preparatory Program (one Century) and the Universal Consciousness and Unification Program (9 Centuries).


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