A Universal Call to Humanity

The Alpha Channel


Evolvement lies in the expansion of Frequencies.

Everything that exists has its own Frequency. Even Knowledge has its own Frequency, and it is that Frequency rather than the Knowledge itself that affects Human Evolvement.

And each Frequency has its own Magnetic Field that attracts or repels other Frequencies. Hence it is important to discriminate in what Frequencies we associate with, even in the words we speak, the Books we read, the people and things  we associate with.


The Alpha Channel

In line with the Evolutionary Tableau (Plan) the Celestial Authorities have introduced Humanity to Frequencies more advanced than our own, by transmitting Frequencies and Knowledge via the Alpha Channel in the form of Books.

First there were the 5 Sacred Books, and now the Single Book. Each Book pre-empted the following Book and contained Knowledge and Dimensional Frequencies more advanced than the preceding Book.


The 5 Sacred Books

These were the Old Testament, The Psalms of David, The New Testament, The Koran , and The Philosophies of the Far East.

The purpose of the Books was to Educate and provide Experience for the Human Being, and the aim was for Humanity to attain the Consciousness of Religious Fulfilment, i.e. the Consciousness that God exists, and that God exists in each one of Us.


The Single Book

The Knowledge and Frequencies of the 5 Sacred Books have been combined into a Single Book, and Knowledge and Frequencies not revealed in the 5 Sacred Books (and not previously known by Humanity) have been added.  In addition, the Sacredness of the 5 Books has been removed.

Rather than to educate and gain experience, the purpose of the Single Book is to Select and Train the Human Being. 

And the aim is for Humanity to attain Universal Consciousness and the Unification of Humanity. 


Frequencies of The Single Book

The Knowledge Book is an energy total comprising all the sacred frequencies given to our planet, plus a new energy from the Omega dimension that has never been disclosed to us before.

Every letter, word and paragraph in the Single Book carries two types of Frequencies:

  1. Dimensional Frequencies i.e. the Frequencies of the Dimension from which the Knowledge in the Book was sent
  2. Time Frequencies. These Frequencies allow the release of the Dimensional Frequencies only in accordance with the Level of Consciousness at the time of reading the Book. For example, for Humanity as a whole, the Dimensional Frequencies suitable for release in 2050 are not suitable for Humanity in 2020. And, for individuals, the Dimensional Frequencies are only released in accordance with his/her current Level of Consciousness. As a result, Humanity and individuals are protected from any overload of Frequencies. It also means that The Knowledge Book will be valid for a total of 19 centuries.


The Select and Training Program of The Single Book

As one reads the Book, the Consciousness Frequencies of the Reader are loaded onto the Frequencies of the Book. Those whom are deemed worthy of reading the Book are “Selected”, and deficiencies in the Reader’s Frequencies are identified, and individual “Training” Programs are implemented.

Each of the 62 chapters is also an energy and frequency total in its own right, connected to different Dimensions. The energy intensity of the chapters increases gradually through the Book and the Messages are set out in an order to gradually habituate the Reader to higher and higher Frequencies, and the Frequencies are only accessed in accordance with the level of Consciousness of the Reader. The result is that the Reader is protected from being overloaded with Frequencies.

As one reads the Book, the Reader expands in Consciousness and further Knowledge and Frequencies are released. The result is a very accelerated evolvement of the Reader.

To benefit from the Book one must read the Book in the order in which it is presented, and to read it over and over again. It is requested that one finishes each reading session at the end of a Fascicule (Chapter) to obtain the full benefit of that Fascicule.


New Reading Program for 2017

The year 2017 marks a milestone for The Knowledge Book. As from 2017, anyone who has a copy of the Second Edition of The Knowledge Book may sign and date the front page, thereby making the Book his/her own. By doing so, the full Frequencies of the Book are released to the Reader in accordance with the reader’s level of Consciousness, irrespective of the year in which the Book is read. Anyone else can still read that Book but will have access to the Knowledge only, and not to the Frequencies.

If the reader does not wish to  sign and date the Book, anyone can read that Book and access the Frequencies of the Book in line with the Time Frequency restraints, and the Knowledge within the Book.

Postscript: The Transmission of the Single Book

The Single Book was transmitted by a Technique that Humanity has not known before,  called the “Light-Photon-Cyclone” technique. 

In this technique:

  • Photon fixes Dimensional Energies and Frequencies to the Letters of the Book
  • Light loads Time Energy onto the Letters of the Book
  • Cyclone enables the Human Being to attain Dimensional Frequencies not previously attained until today.

The technique ensures that Messages cannot be interfered with, either in the transmitting or the receiving process.

The Dimensional Energies and Frequencies mean that each Message carries the Energies and Frequencies of the Source of that Message. So as one reads the Book these Energies and Frequencies affects those of the Reader. And so begins the process of Training and Selection – a process completely different to that of the preceding 5 Sacred Books.

And the Time Energy means that Knowledge is released from the Book in accordance with the time period it is read – as a result the Book will be in service for a total of 19 Centuries.

The Knowledge Book was transmitted from 1981 to 1993 to Vedia Bulent Corak who was born in Turkey in 1923. The Book was not received through her personal channel but through the Alpha Channel (the Channel of God) in her role as the direct spokesperson and only representative of the System on Planet Earth.

As Humanity was not yet ready to receive the Book in 1993, the publication of the Book was delayed until 1996, when it was also translated and published into English.

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