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The KNOWLEDGE BOOK in Australia

Study Groups

Although there are a number of people in Australia studying The KNOWLEDGE BOOK, currently there are no Study Groups in operation. If you would like to be part of a new Study Group, please contact the email address below.

Purchase of The KNOWLEDGE BOOK

The English translation of the Second Edition of The KNOWLEDGE BOOK is currently available for purchase from the Australian outlet. The payment for the Book and Postage must be paid in Australian dollars, and must be paid prior to the postage of the Book. 

  1. For postage within Australia the cost is AUD$150.00 This includes the cost of the Book and postage within Australia.
  2. For postage to destinations outside Australia (but not to Canada, the UK and USA) the cost depends on the postage costs, the exchange rates and any transfer of money fees. To calculate these costs please refer to the section below 


For all inquiries regarding The KNOWLEDGE BOOK in Australia please send an email to:

Calculation of the Costs of Postage of the Book to countries outside Australia* 

The cost will involve:

  1. The cost of the Book (AUD$135.00)
  2. The cost of Postage (follow the instructions below to calculate the postage costs. Note that the prices quoted are in Australian dollars)
  3. The current Exchange Rate of converting the overseas currency into Australian dollars
  4. (Possibly) any Money Transfer Fees when transferring the payment our designated Australian Bank Account. This will depend on the method used to transfer the funds to Australia

* Note. This service is not available for postage to addresses in Canada, UK and USA as those countries are serviced by their own Country Contacts  

Calculation of the postage costs to addresses outside Australia

  1. Open the Australia Post website:
  2. Click on the Overseas icon
  3. Leave the From box empty
  4. In the To box, use the dropdown menu to select the Country to which the Book is to be sent
  5. Click Go
  6. Scroll down to Standard postage and click on Features and options
  7. Scroll down to Use your own packaging and click on Enter Weight
  8. In the Box headed Weight enter 2.88, and click Set Weight
  9. A new screen will appear, and the amount shown in section Use your own packaging is the cost of postage of The Knowledge Book to the country you have selected
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