A Universal Call to Humanity

The beginning of the 21st Century marked a major turning point in the spiritual Evolution of the Human Being.

Prior to the 21st Century the aim of the Celestial Powers was for Humanity to achieve the Consciousness of Religious Fulfilment: that is, to be Conscious that God exists, and that God exists within each One of Us.

But from the beginning of the 21st Century the aim is for Humanity to take the next step in Consciousness: the achievement of Universal Consciousness and the Unification of Mankind. This is in accordance with "The Evolutionary Tableau", and will usher in the Golden Age as from the beginning of the 23rd Century.

The Knowledge Book will play a pivotal role in Humanity attaining this next level of Consciousness, and to comprehend its importance is to understand the role and importance of:


In the meantime a Universal Call is made to Humanity:

"Come - Come -  Come"