Buying the Book and Contacts

The main contacts for The KNOWLEDGE BOOK are the Country-based Contacts as listed belowThey can be contacted for:

  • general inquiries regarding The Knowledge Book
  • purchase of The Knowledge Book* (see below)
  • details of local introductory talks and study sessions


The Knowledge Book Main Centre can be contacted for:

  • specific inquiries regarding The Knowledge Book
  • assistance for those living in countries where there are no Country Contacts
  • information about the conferences held in Istanbul
  • the purchase of The Knowledge Book or Fascicules at the annual conferences in Istanbul. Purchases are not available online from the Main Centre)


* Notes regarding the Purchase of the Knowledge Book:

  1. The Knowledge Book can be purchased in two formats and a variety of languages 
  2. Most World-wide contacts only sell the language edition of the official language of their country; and most post only to addresses within their own country. The two exceptions are:
    • The Serbian edition is available from the Serbian Contact to all countries
    • The English edition of the Book format (Second Edition) is available from the Australian Contact to residents of all countries except Canada, UK and USA. The Set of Fascicules is not available from the Australian Contact



Website Link

Email Contact
1. Knowledge Book Main Centre Website
2. Country Contacts:
Australia Website  (see website)
Argentina Website  (see website)
Brazil Website  (see website)
Canada Website  (see website)
Chile Website  (see website)
Colombia Website  (see website)
Costa Rica
Croatia Website  (see website)
Germany Website  (see website)
Italy Website  (see website)
Mexico Website  (see website)
Netherlands Website  (see website)
Poland Website  (see website)
Russia Website  (see website)
Serbia Website  (see website)
Spain Website  (see website)
Sweden Website  (see website)
Turkey Website
UK Website  (see website)
USA Website  (see website)
Venezuelia Website  (see website)