The Evolutionary Tableau

To assist Us on our Evolutionary Path, an "Evolutionary Tableau" (also known as "The Evolutionary Plan") has been created.

Under this Tableau (Plan), We as individuals, and Humanity as a whole, are guided through different Levels of Consciousness

Each Stage of the Tableau (Plan) has a specific Program, and each Program has a specific Time Period for that Program to be completed. However, each Program will remain available within the Tableau while there are still Consciousnesses who have yet to attain the required Level of Consciousness.

Progression to the next Program and Level of Consciousness can only be made once the preceding Level of Consciousness has been attained.

There are three Stages within the Evolutionary Tableau:

  1. The Consciousness of Truth (see below)
  2. The Consciousness of Light - from the beginning of the 30th Century, for 9 centuries
  3. The Consciousness of Nothingness - Allness - Nothingness - After the Consciousness of Light, for eternity



The First Stage of the Evolutionay Tableau/Plan:    The Consciousness of Truth

The first Stage in the Evolutionary Tableau is designed for the Human Being to attain the Consciousness of Truth. It is also known as The Divine Plan.

This Divine Plan began at approximately 6000 BC and will be completed at the end of the 29th Century; and consists of two Programs:

  1. The Program to attain Religious Fulfillment - from approx 6000 BC to the end of the 20th Century
  2. The Program to attain Universal Consciousness and the Unification of Humanity - from the beginning of the 21st Century to the end of the 29th Century (a total of 9 Centuries)


In addition to the two Programs within the Consciousness of Truth:

  • there is a period of 3 centuries to assist in the transition from the first to the second Programs - 20th, 21st and 22nd Centuries. Here religions will begin to disappear, and Humanity will gradually be habituated to Universal Consciousness
  • after the 3 century Transition Period ends , a 7 -century long Golden Age will begin. It will start at the beginning of the 23rd Century and last until the end of the 29th Century   


The Knowledge Book will serve Humanity for a total of 10 centuries - from the 20th Century to the end of the 29th Century, and its vital role is explained by the existence of the Alpha Channel