The Alpha Channel

The secrets to Spiritual Evolvement are the Frequencies with which we each vibrate and the Frequencies of the people and activities we associate with, including our thoughts, words and actions. Even the Books we read.

Knowledge itself has its own Frequencies, and it is the Frequencies of the Knowledge rather than the Knowledge itself that affects our Spiritual Evolvement.

In addition, each Frequency has its own Magnetic Field which attracts or repels external Frequencies to or from ourselves.

To assist Humanity in our Spiritual Evolvement, the Celestial Authorities created the Alpha Channel which facilitates the transfer of messages from the Godly Dimensions to Planet Earth. These messages not only contain Knowledge but also the Frequencies of the Dimensions from which the messages were sent (Dimensional Frequencies).

In the beginning, the function of the messages was to convey Knowledge rather than Frequencies, and these messages were in the form of the 5 Sacred Books - The Philosophies of the Far, Old Testament, The Psalms of David, The New Testament, and The Koran.  The aim of the Books was to Educate and provide Experience to Humanity, and to allow Humanity to attain Religious Fulfillment in line with the Evolutionary Tableau/Plan.

However the function of the Knowledge Book lies mainly with its Frequencies. The Knowledge and Frequencies of the 5 Sacred Books have been combined into a Single Book, and the Knowledge and Frequencies not revealed in the 5 Sacred Books (and not previously known by Humanity) have been added.  In addition, the Sacredness of the 5 Books has been removed. The Frequencies of the Dimensions from which the messages (Dimensional Frequencies) were sent have been loaded onto each letter, word, sentence and paragraph, and increase in intensity as one progresses through the Book. Knowledge plays a part but is mostly erased from our memory as we read the Book.

In addition to the Dimensional Frequencies, Time Frequencies have been  loaded on to each letter, word, sentence and paragraph of the Book. This is to ensure that the Dimensional Frequencies are released to the Reader only in accordance with his/her Frequency at the time of reading, and/or in accordance to the Frequency of Humanity as a whole at the time of reading. For example, the Frequencies to be released in 2090 will be different to those released in 2019. And as result of the Time Frequencies, the Single Book will serve Humanity for 10 centuries (20th to 29th Century), although it will be used for a further 9 centuries due to its Time Frequencies.

And rather than providing Education and Experience as with the 5 Sacred Books, the function of the Single Book is to Select and Train, and for Humanity to attain Universal Consciousness rather than Religious Fulfillment.

With the "Select and Train" function, the Frequencies of the Reader are loaded onto the Dimensional and Time Frequencies of the Book and those who are ready and worthy to begin the Universal Consciousness Program are selected. Deficiencies of the reader are identified and a training program then begins whereby people and events are placed in our lives to facilitate our spiritual growth. No other Book or practice exists (or will exist) to provide this rate of growth and the protection the Single Book provides.

The messages in the Book are designed to habituate us to higher and higher Frequencies, with the result that it is extremely important to read the Book in the order in which the messages are presented, and to read and re-read the Book on a constant basis. As we read the Book our Frequencies expand, resulting in further Frequencies being released to the Reader.

The Single Book was transmitted by a Technique that Humanity has not known before,  called the "Light-Photon-Cyclone" technique. In this technique:

Photon fixes Dimensional Energies and Frequencies to the Letters of the Book
Light loads Time Energy onto the Letters of the Book
Cyclone enables the Human Being to attain Dimensional Frequencies not previously attained until today.

The technique ensures that Messages cannot be interfered with, either in the transmitting or the receiving process; and that each individual only receives frequencies according to his/her Level of Consciousness and that Humanity as a whole receives only the Frequencies it can handle.

At the end of the 29th Century the Program to attain the Consciousness of Truth will conclude and the Program to attain the Consciousness of Light will begin. Here, the Alpha Channel will cease its previous function, and the Celestial Authorities will use technologies other than Books to assist Humanity in its Spiritual Evolvement.